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Pastor Anthony Lee Jr. & Lady Dana Lee

Anthony D. Lee Jr.  Senior Pastor of JWM was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. He became a born again Christian in 1993 in Daytona Beach, Fla; and baptized by the Holy Ghost in 2005 in Harrisburg, Pa. Pastor Anthony Lee Jr. has been aware of his call since he was 12 years old although at that time he didn’t understand it. It would be later confirmed by a Supervisor in Kent Washington in 1991.  Pastor Lee became a licensed Minister in 1997 and  was ordained to the work of The Gospel Ministry in 2004.


Pastor Anthony D. Lee Jr and his wife were Ordained in 2018 Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2016 he co-hosted  The Voice radio show  with host  Pastor C. Thomas for a 1.5 years.


During 2016 he  also ministered to with an elderly population at the Presbyterian Apts. for approximately 1.5 years. Pastor Lee would minister every Tuesday evening and later began holding communion service for those who desired to take communion but didn’t have a minister.


The original  founder of JWM was S. Alexander who prophesied  to Pastor Anthony D. Lee Jr. in  1995  that God would raise up a ministry/church in Harrisburg, Pa. Upon his passing, the prophesy remained with Pastor Lee 18 years before God  would open a door to fulfill the prophesy. JWM lasted for 9 moth before he made a decision in 2011 that would place the ministry on the back burner until its rebirth in 2020. 


Pastor Anthony Lee Jr. asked the  Lord in 1995 that if He would use him to preach His Word then give him an unction that would feed people when he speaks. His vision is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, Lay hands on the sick that they be healed, cast out demons and to equip God’s people to know God, Obey God and full fill their purpose in God according to the Leading of the Holy Ghost. 


Our mission is to pursue God's kingdom and transform the lost into the found.

This Divine Godhead consists of three parts;
God the Father ( Himself ), God the son ( Jesus ), and the Holy Spirit. The essence of Christianity revolves around the life, death and Christian beliefs in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


We believe The Bible, both the Ol­d and New Testaments, is the authoritative Word of God. It alone is the final authority for determining all doctrinal truths. God is the ultimate point of origin for each of the 66 books of the Bible. Through his Spirit, God providentially prepared each person who played a role in producing the final form of the sacred, inspired, canonical work we call the Bible, for their role. God’s choice of ancient persons responsible for producing the books of the Bible was entirely consistent with God’s goals for codifying revelation for humankind in ages to come. Under God’s providential preparation and direction, the work of each person who played a role in the final form of the biblical text resulted in an entirely trustworthy record of the truth propositions God wanted to reveal to humankind.

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